"Over the three years I’ve been involved with TNG I’ve had the most amazing chain of events unfold. In one of my early meetings I met a mortgage broker who was selling a property in Renuera. This connection led to several sales each unfolding one after the other and has eventually led to 10 transactions to date. Last night one of our clients signed a conditional contract at $200K above expectation and the chain hasn’t finished yet...
Undoubtedly The Real Estate Business is all about people and TNG has been a great source of meeting people and widening my connections. I work very hard to help the other members in my TNG network and I see it as a long term investment in both our businesses, they in turn respond with referrals for me and it’s a win/win scenario."
Rawinia Matthews – www.raywhite.co.nz - May 2017

"Networking is about building enduring relationships, based on professional respect and trust – referral of business leads flows on from that.  In three years that I’ve been associated with TNG I conservatively estimate that I have achieved a return of at least 30 times the investment cost of membership.  But that’s only part of the story.  Of more significance is the prospective ongoing, life-time value of the relationships that have developed with colleagues in the TNG membership and the referrals that will continue to flow from these. Lastly, TNG forums are an amazing source of knowledge, experience and wisdom gained by others, and from which we can learn and can help us immensely in both our business and personal lives. I’m a passionate supporter of The Networking Group!"
Theo Simeonidis – www.uprotectnz.com - April 2017

"I have been a TNG member for a year and have already secured new business that is worth over 20 times the cost of an annual membership fee. I enjoy the relaxed, yet structured, nature of the meetings. Plus I’ve made some wonderful friends."
Howie Clare – www.heyprestopublishing.co.nz - March 2017

"Zarex found TNG to be more rewarding than the traditional network groups, the meeting agendas and formats are always evolving based on feedback from members - and the team is not afraid to try new ideas if they meet the needs of today's small businesses. Our membership is already opening some fantastic doors for us. Thanks guys!"
Simon Fortescue – www.zarex.co.nz - August 2015

Dean from Maintain To Profit sent this email to his fellow TNG Group Members: "Networking at its best! Hi all, Just thought I’d share how networking can work so well. As you all know MTP have been working well with Heron Plumbing, today I’ve had a call from them to get us to go and line a bathroom that they are doing for one of their own clients. Its great how everything swings in round abouts and Heron have the confidence that they will get the job done! Cheers Dale and thanks for the work! See you all at next Wednesday’s meeting."
Dean Larritt – www.maintaintoprofit.co.nz - May 2013

Susan Bowden had this to say about the TNG Social Media Seminar held on 23 April: "Thanks - I really enjoyed this morning and thought both speakers were of an excellent standard... Really knowledgable and gave some great practical tips in an easy to understand way. Please pass on my thanks."
Susan Bowden – April 2013

"When first attending the TNG meetings I did not know what to expect. I was a relatively new business owner and was good at my profession but had no experience with everything else that was needed for a successful business. The TNG group has given me the foundation, confidence and skills to promote myself and my business. Attending the meetings with a wide range of people from different professions has given me the opportunity to get a different prospective of the day to day running of businesses. I have also found the regular one to one meetings with fellow members beneficial. I would highly recommend the TNG Group to anyone new to business ownership or is already an established business owner."
Tristan Connelly - Connelly Building Contractor Limited – March 2013

Nan, Web Technology Specialist from Helion sent this email to Mark Trafford, TNG’s General Manager, after his speech at one of the Ellerslie group meetings in March: "Hi Mark. Thanks for the wonderful speech you gave this morning. It was informative, engaging and truly inspiring." You can visit Nan’s website at www.helion.co.nz

"TNG has been the best thing for both myself & my business, after advertising for 5 months and spending thousands of $$$ & still having no work coming in, I was introduced to TNG Milford group, where I not only received heaps of leads but also formed great relationships with people I would otherwise have never met. Where else can you chat with Lawyers, Accountants & Business Coaches on a fortnightly basis for Free. Thanks very much TNG, because of you I now have steady work and I'm booked up min 2 months ahead."
Ian Pennial - Harbour City Plans Limited - March 2013

Lee from Westend Painters received a referral from a fellow Remuera group member for a $4000 job. Lee tells us the client is rapt with the job and has promised him lots more work. You can check Lee's business out at www.housepainterauckland.co.nz

Tim from Gold Leaf Landscapes sent us this email: "Thanks again for that landscaping lead. I turned it into a sale today." Not bad considering Tim has just joined TNG’s Remuera group. You can see Tim's business at www.goldleaflandscapes.co.nz

"TNG has been a great place to meet likeminded, genuine people who want to grow their own and each other’s businesses. We have developed relationships and inspired each other. Come along to a TNG meeting. I personally guarantee you will get value out of it. If you don't, I will buy you a coffee!!"
Mark Berryman – Selah Construction Ltd

"We make business hum with practical advice that works, but by belonging to TNG, our business has hummed too. The two way benefits have enormous potential. The thing I like about TNG is that I get to meet, work with and enjoy good practical business people who really make a difference in the community. I recommend the businesses in the group to all my clients."
Bill Gibson – Dean Asset Management Ltd

"TNG is a great group to be a member of. I have benefited by networking with likeminded tradesmen and I like the fact that we have a lot of different trade skills available. This makes it easy to recommend. I also enjoy the friendly and casual atmosphere which is an educational and rewarding way to grow your business."
Marcus Osborne – Quattro Enterprises Ltd

"Since I joined TNG, my business has benefited enormously. TNG has forced me to step up and actually start working on my business, rather than working in my business. The meetings allow me to think about my business on a regular basis. The structure of TNG in terms of the way the meetings are organised also allows me to meet with other business owners on a one-on-one basis and in many cases build strategic alliances with them. I cannot recommend TNG enough!"
John van der Spuy – IDC Electrical Ltd

"TNG has been a great opportunity to meet other business owners. The fortnightly meetings are good. I enjoy the relaxed format and the incredible amount of creative ideas and communication that comes from the Members."
Marc Chambers – Digital Spot Ltd

"TNG has helped me to become more motivated than ever before about my own business. The relationships that I have built with fellow members have helped me build my business. I know that if I ever have a problem, I have a group of valuable contacts I can rely on."
Sam Butson – New Zealand Insurance Solutions Ltd

"I have been a member of the Albany TNG Site since November 2009. I have made valuable business contacts through our regular meetings and attended inspirational presentations by speakers keeping us informed about current trends and business tools. I have been able to grow my own business and implement some new strategies as a direct result of my association with TNG."
Sharon Wright – I’m your Temp Ltd